Monday, November 17, 2008

Zac Efron is a Gadget Guy

Zac Efron called into New Zealand radio station ZM 91.0 on Friday, November 14th and talked with DJ Polly on gadgets, high school and actor Christopher Walken.

Not only did Zac, 21, confess that he’s a gadget kind of guy, he also shared what the hardest thing about high school was for him was. He said, “Probably the academics. I was in all advanced classes, I took advanced placement English and history and that was pretty time consuming. I was very focused on that.”

The High School Musical leading man also shared that he couldn’t believe that he was in a movie (Hairspray) with actor Christopher Walken. He said, “I’ve enjoyed most of his movies at this point and he’s just a huge talent. I remember I was doing a table read and I just couldn’t believe that I was sitting so close to this guy. He sounds exactly the same in real life, it’s amazing.”