Sunday, December 21, 2008

Candace Flynn: Fruitcake Festivities

Candace Flynn (voiced by Ashley Tisdale) from Disney’s animated series, Phineas and Ferb, has only one wish on her Christmas List: To bust her brothers!

Hoping that Santa grants her wish, Candace sat down with JJJ to dish on her holiday festivities:

On her holiday plans: I’m going to be vigilant. My brothers are always up to something.

On where festivities are going on: At home with the family. Hopefully Jeremy will come over.

On her family traditions: Well, Phineas and Ferb always do something outrageous, I try to bust them for it and Mom never sees it. It’s pretty much like the rest of the year, except with presents.

On her favorite holiday dish: Mom likes to make Fruitcake “In honor” of me. Not sure what she means by that.

On her favorite holiday decoration: I have this one ornament that I pasted a photo of Jeremy on. I put it at the back of the tree so nobody else sees it, but sometimes when I can’t sleep, I come downstairs and wedge myself between the tree and the wall with a flashlight so it’s like we’re having our own little holiday party and- . . . uh . . .Does that sound obsessive?

On her favorite holiday song: (Singing) “You better Watch out” It reminds me of my brothers.

On favorite holiday memories: Last year, I watched Jeremy trimming his tree. He looked so close through the binoculars, like I could reach out and touch him.

On what’s on her Christmas list: Oh, I don’t know. Maybe I could BUST MY BROTHERS?! Would that be too much to ask?

On the greatest gift she’s received: Maybe those binoculars.

On where she wants to spend Christmas: I would spend it with Jeremy… on some romantic island… busting my brothers.


Anonymous said...

And can i bust SAS Scandinavian Airlines

Anonymous said...

SAS Pilot:Ready for takeoff

SAS Copilot:OK

(The DC10 start running down the runway,but suddenly Candace Flynn appears)

SAS Copilot:Is that Candace? Let's abort takeoff.
(The DC10 stops takeoff)
SAS Pilot:Get off the runway!
Candace Flynn:You guys are so busted!
SAS Pilot:Busted?!

Anonymous said...

Soldier:The chicken (Paper Pelican) is in the pot

General:Cook it!

Anonymous said...

Candace,I know .Doofenshmirtz is the one who cause the destruction of your brother's inventions.